iNeuro TMSTMS is Noninvasive

Neuro-modulation is considered one of the most novel mechanisms of altering the brain’s response in a safe an effective manner. TMS is a noninvasive method used to stimulate small regions of the brain via use of a magnetic coil.

There are 2 approaches to TMS: single pulse or repetitive pulse. Currently a single pulse TMS device is approved for use in the US for management of migraine. At iNHS, we have a unique expertise in offering this device, due to prior clinical trials experience. Additionally, Dr. Chehrenama is one of only a handful of Neurologists in the US that has been trained to perform repetitive TMS for both FDA based indication of major depression as well as non-FDA approved indications of neuropathic pain.

Patients with a variety of neurologic issues, can consider neuro-modulation as an alternative form of therapy, if standard treatments have proven ineffective or poorly tolerated. It is best to have a more detailed discussion with your iNHS provider to see if this modality may be a safe and effective alternative.