How is iNHS different?

At i Neuro Headache Specialist, we focus on the person not symptoms.

What does that mean?

An in-depth individualized, integrative and holistic approach to the care of patients suffering from all type of headaches, post-concussive issues as well as neurologic diagnostic dilemmas.

I will provide clinical excellence via detailed attention and curiosity to your concerns and help you develop a winning strategy to achieve better neurologic health.

How does iNHS do this?

The human body (and brain) is integrated and dynamic. Disease or symptoms in one organ do not occur in isolation. The whole body is affected. If relief is not accompanied by addressing the root cause of disease, the human body will deteriorate and other chronic conditions will develop. At iNHS , I aim to use my unique combination of osteopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, Neuromuscular fellowship training, clinical trials experience as well as knowledge of neuro-modulation in order to better understand the patient’s concerns. I am also knowledgeable in many forms of complementary and alternative medical care and hope to offer an enhanced perspective for the patient.

But I am in a lot of pain and none of my prior doctors have found the right medications?

Pain management is a highly complex art form. This becomes even more complicated when the pain is affecting the head and notoriously even more difficult with added brain injury in concussion. Most often by the time patients seek care by a dedicated Headache Medicine Specialist, they have often seen many Health Care Providers and Neurologists. The ability to offer a new way of looking at their chronic complex issues, as well as offering a novel treatment approach is immensely valuable to patients. I seek to provide this out of the box approach by detailed attention to your individual baseline, integration of your medical data, and coordination of your overall care in order to achieve a better outcome for your brain and body.

Does that mean trying another pain medication?

It is unlikely that there’s going to be a single magic pill for the care of complex neurologic syndromes. However if the patient has bio-mechanical components to their pain, I can do something about it. This would be a non-medication modality. Once the bio-mechanical issues are addressed , then more standard pharmaceutical treatment options are likely to yield results. I do not plan on managing symptoms alone and I find the use of narcotic pain medications generally unhelpful for the overall management of chronic complex neurologic conditions. I strive to integrate science from many different fields, to create a distinctively individualized treatment plan.

Do you only treat Migraine?

I specialize in the care of all headache types including post-traumatic headaches, Cluster, tension, neuralgias or nerve pain, facial pain, neck pain including cervical dystonia and post-concussive syndrome.

How else are you different from other Neurologists and Headache Subspecialists?

At iNHS, we offer convenient and improved access, by use of technology (telemedicine consultations, follow up visits and remote coordination of your neurologic care). At this time, iNHS no longer accepts patients at the physical office in-person.

Are there any other things that set iNHS apart from other similar providers?

Given that telemedicine is the most efficient way to bring specialty care to remote areas, I also provide neurologic services outside of the country for those in need including refugees. I do this in partnership with existing medical care models . There are many places within USA that can greatly benefit from added Neurologically based telemedicine services like those provided by iNHS, and as the complicated state licensure regulations regarding telemedicine services are improved, iNHS hopes to expand its services beyond the boundaries of California, Virginia, Maryland and DC area.

How is iNHS able to do this , and other specialty providers are not?

As a direct pay provider, I am able to spend more time with you and provide services not available at other Neurology & Headache Centers. This includes quick appointments via virtual visits. I have had many years of experience in a large Headache Center and had to rely on my physician extenders in-order to achieve accessibility. However, this occasionally resulted in fragmented care due to high volume of patients requiring high intensity care. As a solo direct pay provider, this eliminates the high volume of patients, and allows me to focus on your care. My core mission is to help you heal yourself.