Do you accept insurance?

At iNHS, our aim is to help you obtain the best medical diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for your neurologic condition. This requires dedicated time to listen, examine and review data before any plans are formulated. Unfortunately in today’s insurance world, this scenario is not reimbursed. Moreover, telemedicine is a novel approach to consultation and follow-up strategic care in Neurology, and not fully accepted by all insurance carriers.

As a result, Dr. Chehrenama is a direct pay provider.

iNHS does not participate with any insurance carriers at this time. All visits and procedures are self-pay.

How does direct pay work?

We provide a medical service and you pay us directly. We can give you an itemized bill to submit to your insurance carrier. Those with out of network benefits are generally reimbursed at 50-80% of the fee, depending on your specific plan.

What about Medicare?

iNHS does not accept any state or federal government insurance including Medicare.

Dr. Chehrenama is an opt-out provider from medicare and will provide you with an affidavit of private contract for medicare beneficiaries.

The federal government does not accept any bills submitted to them from an opted-out provider. Ask us about a senior or disability discount if applicable.

What about Botox injections?

As most everyone knows, the drug BOTOX is rather expensive, but can be approved thru your insurance pharmacy benefits with advanced authorization. The actual cost of the injection procedure will be the patient’s responsibility.

Are other diagnostic testing covered?

If testing is ordered, such as labs and or MRI, these are typically covered by your insurance thru the dedicated testing centers.

What form of payments do you accept?

iNHS accepts all forms of credit cards and/or checks. We do not accept cash payments for medical services.

We can accept Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards, as we are a qualified medical expense.

We look forward to working with you!