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    iNeuro Headache Consultation and CareAt iNHS, your personal medical history is evaluated in the context of overall health, lifestyle, family history, and environmental factors. All prior diagnostic data is reviewed in depth to prevent unnecessary repeat testing. The proper diagnosis of each headache subtype is imperative in the overall successful management and care. The patient is an active participant in this process. Commonly the patient is asked to keep a diary of headache patterns in relation to time of onset, location, triggers and relieving factors.

    A patient’s headache is never an entity in isolation.

    A variety of tools may be used including medical APPs, and wearable technology for data collection. Medication trials are performed based on the suspected inciting cause, with attention to the patient’s prior response to meds as well as sensitivities. Unfortunately, despite the high prevalence of chronic primary headaches (i.e. chronic migraine) with great disability, there are very few scientific studies that can address the multiple variables that lead to chronic headaches. This in turn causes most physicians to treat only the symptoms of a headache or migraine . At iNHS, every attempt is made to evaluate the root cause of headaches in order to achieve the best outcome.