iNeuro Coordination of CareCoordination of Care for Intravenous Infusion Protocols


Intravenous medication infusions can be used effectively in selected cases of intractable headaches that are unresponsive to the more standard routes of treatment . There are numerous medication combinations that can be infused in 2 to 3 times per day intervals in order to achieve a more complete and rapid recovery. At iNHS, Dr. Chehrenama is fully experienced in offering this clinical oversight to improve patient outcomes.

As a former managing partner at The Neurology & Headache Treatment Center, as well as Medical Director of Inova’s Headache Program, Dr. Chehrenama developed and implemented Headache infusion protocols based on evidence based guidelines. The medication classes can include magnesium, anti-emetics, non-steroidals or steroids, ergots, anti-histamines, anti-epileptics, as well as certain muscle relaxants. Each combination protocol is chosen based on the patients’ headache subtypes, as well as prior medication sensitivities. The use of intravenous infusion protocols are meant to be a bridge to expedited recovery in the appropriate patient population and can be arranged thru an outpatient infusion center, in the emergency room or alternatively thru a home health infusion agency.