I wanted to write to inform you that our family is very grateful for her care.

I received a letter this week stating that Dr. Mahan Chehrenama  will be leaving Inova at the end of the year. She is an excellent doctor who looks not only at the symptoms, but looks for the cause of the pain.

About 5 years ago, my son, now age, 20, suffered from several concussions while playing high school football.  He saw several neurologists in the NOVA area, in addition to a couple of concussion clinics.  These doctors gave him steroids, which helped temporarily.  One gave him some strong narcotics and told him to take them when the headaches got too bad. No one had any real solutions and said he would just have to manage the pain.  For 2 1/2 years, he was not a minute without a headache.

We saw Dr. Chehrenama about a year ago, at the suggestion of a friend, also a concussion patient, who suggested we try Dr. Chehrenama because she “thought outside the box”.  Desperate to find an end to the constant pain without taking pain killers, my son, Brian,  begged me to make an appointment.

During that first appointment, my son  was sitting in the examining room talking to the doctor, when she mentioned that the entire time he was talking to her, his head was tilted.  Along with several other avenues including an EEG, she suggested a biomechanical treatment. She thought some of his pain could be because his spine was misaligned and wanted to have it checked out.   We went to see the recommended specialist, and after just one treatment, he was relieved of his constant headaches.  Now, a year later, he still is headache-free!

It is because of doctors like Mahan Chehrenama, who is willing to look at the entire person, rather than just the symptoms, that many people have been relieved of their pain.  I have sent several people to Dr. Chehrenama over the last year.  We are grateful for her and wish her the best.  We will continue to recommend her to our friends and to our high school athletic trainer.


Karen V.

Amazing, Thorough and incomparable specialist

I have been seeing Dr. Chehrenama for over 6 years now. I suffer from a variety of issues stemming from Chiari Malformation. Dr. Chehrenama has helped me through some terrible times and was instrumental in determining my Chiari diagnosis. There truly is no one better or more caring. I have sent many people to her and no one has been disappointed. She is incredibly thoughtful and does not rush to conclusions. She will try harder than any other doctor I have ever been to, to actually HELP find answers and never gives up. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Lori W.


I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation for your skill, talent, patience, and kindness.

You were the doctor who told me that I didn’t have to suffer in silence and that I deserved a better quality of life. You listened to me and figured out that if I resolved other issues like sleep, my migraines would improve. Your knowledge and positive outlook improved my quality of life. My family has noticed my increase in energy and absence of severe disabling migraines. “Thank You” seems insincere or insufficient, but I mean it. Please know how much you have improved my life. I wish you well, but I’m selfish and I can’t imagine trusting another doctor with my health.

Kimberly S.


I am so grateful to have found you as my doctor.

You understand the impact my constant migraines have on me on a deeper level including the emotional toll they take on me. You don’t judge but rather treat me with compassion. Thank you for that and thank you for your persistence to help me despite the complexity of my illness. I know if anyone can solve my medical issues, it will be you. Thank you for being an amazing doctor.

Amy H.


I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful doctor over the past 17 years that you have treated me.

You not only found medicine that allows me to be seizure free without experiencing side effects, but you also served as a role model when I was growing up. You were the doctor who finally gave me the correct diagnosis for my hand pain and you have always challenged me to take agency over my own health and lifestyle. I’m very grateful I got to grow up with you. Honestly, you are the best doctor I have had.

Marissa M.