What you need to know about our secure portals:

This automation is great once you have completed the first tedious yet necessary steps. The first visit is hard then it will be like second nature.

Telemedicine Portal:

First time telemedicine users:

  • Make sure to look at the users instruction guidelines available on the telemedicine portal page
  • The preferred browsers are chrome or Mozilla (not Safari)
  • Please coordinate appointment type and time via email at [email protected]
  • All devices are compatible including cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktop units, however best service is via use of laptops or desktops
  • You may wish to use a quite and private area for an optimal visit
  • Reliable internet connectivity is key for best performance
  • When sharing images on CD during your telemedicine visit, your device needs to be a non-¬≠MAC device with a disc drive in order to allow for screen sharing with your treating physician
  • Your credit card information will be obtained at the end of your visit to make sure all of your concerns are addressed