Why We Love Neurology

Why We Love Neurology

During interviews for neurology residency training, it is almost always asked, “Why did you choose neurology?” You are asked this so the interviewer can hear your unique reasons that made you decide to train in this specialty. They will look for specific reasons that turned you to neurology rather than another area of medicine. You may have chosen this field for some of these experiences:

You love how complex neurology can be.

Why We Love NeurologyYou may have always found yourself to be fascinated with complex neural pathways where a lot of our essential signals are transmitted. Your interest could have taken shape when you dissected the brain of a lower mammal and then the human brain; and by the end of your second year decided you wanted to become a neurologist. Working through an internship and watching discussions on the field; may have helped you decide that you wanted this unique and challenging profession.

You love figuring out where the problem is.

You may love figuring out where the problem is coming from. Some say that, “localize the lesion” is the heart of neurology and this may be what fascinates you the most. Some love the interaction with patients and this may be a strong point for you; answering their questions, exams to find the root of their problem or hearing how their condition is affecting them.

You love being able to fix what is wrong.

Neurologists have a reputation for finding and diagnosing problems that have confused others in the medical field. They can now treat almost every disease to some point. Some physicians are afraid of the challenge it sometimes takes to find those problems so it may be you are not afraid of challenges and in fact look for them. You may look forward to and want to be part of a team of specialists that few can become and look forward to accepting those challenges in order to improve patient’s lives.

You love the optimal experience

You may love neurology for the optimal experience it provides when you walk into a patients room and suddenly the outside world doesn’t exist- it’s only you and your patient. You watch every movement they make; twitch of the eyelid, pupil size changes and hear the tenor of their voice as you are totally consumed by their behavior patterns.

The world outside goes on without you as you listen to the patient and shares with them their life and how their condition began and how it has impacted them. Having the chance to make their life better and give them back a quality of life may be the reason you love neurology.

You love how the brain controls the body

Why We Love NeurologyThe brain controls the body and often times figuring out what is wrong with the body means finding out what is wrong with the brain. You may have chosen neurology because it represents a puzzle you have to figure out in determining what part of the brain is not functioning properly to cause the body to not function.

Neurology is a growing field with more demands for it increasing every year yet it remains a less popular choice for many entering the medical field. Fewer medical students are attracted to neurology than any other specialty. This is unfortunate as there is much more to this field than most people realize. Neurology is a fascinating and rewarding career that you will love.