Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia an extreme medical condition characterized by chronic pain in the back of the head, behind the eyes, and in the upper neck region. Many people experience a diminished sensation because the nerves or being pinched. Physical stress, repetitive neck movements, and trauma can all damage the (Lesser and Greater) Occipital Nerves. These nerves can sometimes extend from the back of the head all the way to the forehead.

Other Names of This Condition:

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia1Migraines and other headaches involve the side of the head or the back of the head on one side. Patients are usually diagnosed with migraines because of it’s involvement with the greater occipital nerve and not the Neuralgia itself. Being diagnosed is the best option so you can be treated correctly. Compared to migraines, Occipital Neuralgia is very uncommon. There is a 1:100 Ratio of (ON) to Migraines sufferers.

Durable Treatments of (ON)

  1. Radio Frequency Ablation –Treating and damaging a nerve with the use of heat. This less evasive treatment is usually performed at pain clinics. Also this has a 50% success rate and should be your first solution.
  2. Rhizotomy- This procedure is the cutting or separating of the nerves which will result in a more numb feeling or sensation.
  3. Cryo- This is done by partially separating the nerves rather than totally cutting them. Unfortunately, this procedure isn’t widely used or available in the USA.
  4. Decompression Surgery- Has about an 86% response rate and has been said to be better than other treatments and procedures.
  5. Botox- This temporary relief treatments does great by blocking nerve pain. Also this is very costly and some, if not most insurance companies, won’t cover.

Occipital Neuralgia are often confused with chronic headaches. Pain from the headache is in some of the same areas as well. The intense pain usually follows a path along the nerves. Some patients experienced blurred vision is some cases as the pain traveled near the eyes. Extreme sharp pain, which can last for hours or up to a few days, depending on the person. We at iNHS routinely evaluate, diagnose, and treat occipital neuralgia with multiple modalities.

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia1Other Symptoms of (ON)

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Pain near and behind the eyes
  • Slow or slurred speech patters
  • Burning and aching pain the starts at the back of the head, extending up to the scalp
  • Tender Scalp
  • And a host of others

If you’re on a budget or simply can’t afford the treatments above; there are cheaper and less evasive ways to help you soften the pain. Oral medication such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen can help lessen the pain but they overuse can cause an added medication overuse headache as a superimposed problem. As you can see; there are many options to choose from. All ranging fat different prices. Hopefully this article gave you a better perception of this debilitating pain.